07 July 2008

A Chain of Thankfulness

I am being reminded to be thankful in the midst of preparations for a meeting that I have some anxiety about. So, remembering to "give thanks in all circumstances," I will stop and list 10 things I am thankful for and anticipate an attitude adjustment with regard to the meeting. Here goes...
  1. Blessing the handmade toys our children made in Sunday School during worship yesterday... blessing them with the children before we send them, by way of a missionary, to children in Kenya.
  2. Being able to worship God through playing my flute as part of accompanying the choir.
  3. The lovely transition that the choir provided, singing As The Deer, to help prepare our hearts for communion.
  4. The lovely edible fruit bouquet I received along with a thank-you from the Family Life Center for serving on their Board of Directors.
  5. Listening and responding to the Holy Spirit in the midst of preaching... and trimming the sermon to the essentials. Simplicity seemed to communicate so much more effectively yesterday.
  6. No neighborhood fireworks last night to keep me from falling asleep.
  7. My Boston Terrier who is such a bed hog - but too cute to kick out from under the covers.
  8. Spending the afternoon with my family at my mom's home: friends there from Alabama, yummy food to eat, and watching my kids (G & S, age 7) play there first game of Monopoly with two teen girls. The girls deserved "Awards of Merit" for their patience!
  9. Excitement about our newly-established worm farm! G & S just love burying table scraps in the bedding, and also finding worms to hold and watch wiggle around in their palms.
  10. My favorite Starbucks beverage: Grande, non-fat latte.

Okay... The exercise of making this gratitude list helped! I am truly grateful! How about you?