10 July 2009

Praying in Color

Yesterday I spent my Day Apart "praying in color." That is the book title (see pic) and it introduces a visual and interactive way of praying. It is a very easy read - about a wonderful way to pray. Check it out! The book is by Sybil MacBeth

07 July 2009

I So Want To Be Better At This...

a plea and a prayer...
My life has been so upside down for so long... I wasn't good at this before (meaning posting regularly) - it was all new - when my world turned. So my plea and prayer are for the discipline of taking time for the important things, for setting priorities. Blogging is not at the top of the list, by any means, but finding a way to give voice to myself - that is near the top.

Lord, in your mercy, hear my prayer.

28 January 2009

In Loving Memory of Poppa Hugh

July 14, 1932 - January 25, 2009

13 January 2009

New Church Blog

Hey - I am very excited! I have finally set up our church's blog! Here is the web address for "Turning The World Upside Down":


Initially I am starting with a blog entry on Mondays highlighting the lectionary psalm for the week, and on Wednesday I will share what the preaching text is and add any comments or thoughts from our "Soul Cafe" discussion.

This morning two people had added comments to the psalm discussion!! I don't know that I have very many folks in the congregation that will participate but I hope that for the few that do it will be meaningful. And who knows, maybe some new folks will find us through our blog.

05 January 2009

My Family In Stitches

My family in stitches! I knitted them all scarves for Christmas... my first ever knitting projects! And I am pretty proud of myself... even if my husband's wasn't completed until New Year's Eve.

Hokie Fan's scarf is maroon and orange (Virginia Tech colors of course!); I had promised it would be done by Orange Bowl game time and I made it! Yippee!! And the Hokies won!!

Thing 1 and Thing 2 got their scarves Christmas Day. Thing 1 got a scarf of royal blue chenille which he picked out because it was the softest of all the chenille yarn he touched to his cheek. Thing 2 picked the yarn color "Monet" when we were choosing yarn for a church activity. Her's was my very first knitting project so it has numerous errors... but Thing 2 kept saying she didn't care - she still thought it was very special anyway- "everybody makes mistakes." I added the tassles as an extra surprise. They are a very soft purple "fuzzy" yarn mixed with the yarn from the scarf.

03 January 2009

Still Looking Back

Okay, I guess I'm still "looking back" in a way - meandering through last year's photos and finding favorites. I want to put them here to share them with you - but more to remember. To smile. To reflect.
I have very few photos - maybe only this one - with all four of us... So, this one must be my 2008 family favorite! We are in Floyd County, VA preparing to enter the corn maze... fun, fun, fun!

Photo credits go to my niece Brittany... thanks Brit!

02 January 2009

Friday Five: Favorite Things

RevGal BlogPals "Friday Five":

Five things that I remember/ treasure from 2008:

1. The visit we had with Grandma Blanche before she died.

2. Our church being the catalyst for a coalition of faith communities to form and open a cold-weather shelter in our town.

3. Kayaking with my friend Kathy.

4. Papa Hugh's cancer diagnosis and saying our good-byes before he left for Tennessee.

5. Learning to knit and making my family scarves for Christmas.

Five things that I am looking forward to in 2009:

1. More knitting and more kayaking!

2. The five-day Academy of Spiritual Formation with Drs. Mallard and Bondi.

3. Dreaming big dreams with my congregation and the Cold-Weather Shelter Coalition for ways to address poverty and homelessness in our community.

4. Living healthier and being healthier.

5. More fun times with my family.

01 January 2009

Favorite Photos 2008

Here is my favorite photo of my son (Thing 1) in 2008. This was taken in July at Blue Springs State Park... our first canoe trip.

And here is my favorite photo of my daughter (Thing 2) in 2008. This was taken in October in the wonderful town of Floyd, Virginia... my husband's hometown.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 are twins - eight years old and in second grade. They bring light and joy to my life - especially on dark days. For their presence in our lives I am TRULY grateful!