25 November 2016

Note To Self: Thanksgiving 2016

Things to remember and/or do differently next year:

1) Don't rely on the pop-up turkey "done-ness" timer! This was the second year in a row that I did and the turkey was NOT done! So frustrating especially after taking the turkey out of the oven, letting it sit, as directed, and then start slicing only to discover it needs more time in the oven! ARGGHH!

2)My baster died! 😞  It served me well for probably 20 years - and this year succumbed to dry-rot! It developed a crack alone the ridge that even duct-taping by Sharon would not fix. I wonder what is new in the world of Turkey Basters?

3)The thing I dread the most about Thanksgiving has nothing to do with who will be gathered around the table, or how to set the table, or even anything relating to side dishes. The hated thing is CARVING THE ^%*&^#$ TURKEY!!!! Okay, let me breathe.... If you didn't pick up on it, I HATE carving the turkey! Granted, part of this has to do with item #1 above and being really pissed that the turkey wasn't done yet. But even with that aside I have to get a handle on this because it makes me miserable every year! So, next year I have thought about not doing gravy or plating any sides until after I have carved the turkey. Another problem I have is needing a plan for the platters: I need one to use for cutting and one for the meat... somehow this always gets screwy as well.

4)Last thing: Cook the sausage longer for the stuffing. So, this was my second year cooking Thanksgiving without mom, and I am just not able to get the stuffing tasting like hers. I think next year I need to really brown the sausage... like to crunchy and brown. The stuffing was missing something and maybe that will get me closer. I know one thing she did was use a lot of butter which I don't use at all. I am hoping that doesn't account for all the difference because I cannot see myself using all that butter!

Okay, so enough for now. I do LOVE Thanksgiving. I am hopeful to behave better next year - and not let the turkey get the best of me!