05 November 2014

I Don't Have A Favorite Holiday Memory

"Write about a favorite holiday memory?"  That is the writing prompt offered... I wish I could remember holidays from my childhood. I remember pictures of a Christmas or two. I can remember some foods from Thanksgiving meals-but I think those were from adult years, not growing up years. Birthdays? No memories there. This could be depressing.

So the question did not say the memories needed to be from growing up years...a funny time one Fourth of July in Floyd, VA- sitting on the front porch at Blanche and Fred 's (in laws) and the fireworks seemed like they took forever in between. When there were two or three close together we joked about it being the finale. The fireworks were more like stutter-works.

I really enjoy holidays with the kids, though my fear is they might have the same non-memories as I have. I would really hate that. Then I think of folks like June and others who really go hog-wild on the holidays - decorations galore. I just can't do that. I don't feel right about that.

What I do love more than a favorite holiday memory - is enjoying dinner evey evening at the table with Charles and the kids. Having them teasing each other, or busting out laughing at Charles or some other silliness. Asking a question or sharing something from their day. Those times are my favorites! Everyday favorites.

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