02 November 2014

The work I do leaves me feeling…

The work I do leaves me feeling...

Ashamed...  I have not done the work. I am not prepared. I am relying on too many sources and not enough on The Source. I am more concerned with who is in worship than The One we have gathered to worship.

Embarrassed... my thoughts are not complete and they do not flow like I would like them to. I rely too much on my crappy notes. My speech idiosyncrasies dominate - I stutter and stammer and repeat myself.

Ecstatic... that people we invite to worship because it is All Saints Sunday and we are remembering a loved one actually come! That I have the privilege of serving with a "Deacon on Location" who invites others to serve with us in worship, has some wonderful altar candles and decor, and assists in organizing and readying the space for worship.

Amused... that I have prayed and asked God to send us "the people no one else wants"* and we have become a quirky, diverse, ragtag, messy, and chaotic church that really works at loving everyone.

Stunned... by the simple yet powerful witness of an acolyte.

Some Sundays are like that.

*Thanks Jorge A. for sharing this prayer wisdom.

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